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Worlds lightest folding bicycle

The Helix Folding Bike is a small, compact, and light titanium folding bike. It was created to be extremely efficient in its storage capabilities and in being portable. It was designed to go everywhere, whether it's the subway, the trunk of your car or a suitcase. Any city goers dream bike. It was engineered to be lightweight, safer, more rigid, and to be a hinge free system for ease of use. Helix is a bicycle startup out of Toronto Canada, and had the branding that appealed to an edgier and more engineer minded crowd.

The main focus of the new identities design is the commuter woman living in the cities. The bike is customizable and the designs they have cater to these tastes. Its purpose is to focus on streamlined efficiency without sacrificing style and class.

The Working Woman

The city going working woman is the inspiration for the style. The city is a grey space with the blue sky peaking out from between buildings. Women in city tend to pride themselves in being sharp and sleek whilst also keeping their femininity to themselves.



Avenir Light
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The logo mark is an abstract mark formed from one twisting line into the character of a person riding a bike as well as being the letter 'H'. The curves and inter-connectivity came from the road ways and the flow of people in city, how you have to weave around people to get where you are going. The grey tall type was to represent the skyscrapers in the cities.


The accompanying pattern to the logo is also abstract, inspired by the weaving traffic, it is composed of the logo layered over it self in varying sizes and angles. I wanted to have it give the feeling of a cursive feminine writing hand without using cursive in my typography.

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