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One of the world's largest

global design firms.



As one of the world’s most respected design,
engineering and project management consultancies,
we have a responsibility to help move the world
forward, one step at a time. As a collaborative team of experts that thrive on challenge and unconventional thinking we always try to set a standard to our work where lives are enriched through the implementation of our ideas.

At Atkins, We don’t just imagine; we question the existing, imagine the impossible and we have the power to transform potential into reality to innovate and deliver impactful and sustainable designs today. We set out to help our communities thrive today while shaping them for tomorrow.

The main focus of the new identities design is the emphasis of the companies innovative thinkers with photography of our collaborative designers at work, while the branding is meant to exude a professional, clean, modern feel focusing on the modern concept of renewable and sustainable energies that our company is striving to make a difference in.



Sonny Gothic Bold
Aa   Bb   Cc   Dd     Ee    Ff    Gg   Hh    Ii
 Jj    Kk    Ll    Mm   Nn   Oo   Pp   Qq   Rr
Ss    Tt    Vv   Ww   Xx   Yy    Zz

The Palette

EB Garamond
Aa   Bb   Cc   Dd     Ee     Ff    Gg   Hh   Ii
 Jj    Kk    Ll    Mm   Nn  Oo   Pp   Qq   Rr
Ss    Tt     Vv   Ww    Xx    Yy    Zz


The inspiration for the style is the clean lines of the wind turbines. The color of safety red, industrial strength black, blue sky, and modern white is extracted from building materials and environment.




The logo mark is an abstract mark created by cropping portions of the letter forms to create sleek lines symbolizing electrical power currents and the blades of water and wind turbines.

The Mobile & Web Layout

The inspiration of clean lines from wind turbines is continued on the web front of the companies branding keeping it minimalist and professional.

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